Bovibooster WDone & WDtwo


NEWLY developed hoof washing and disinfection system

  • The new BOVIBOOSTER system is designed and developed by people with more than 20 years of i experience with dairy cow hoof washing
  • Tested in the field 
  • Efficient and reliable 1,5 HP peripheral water pump to build pressure
  • Reliable valves with high flow rate
  • Special designed “optional” pneumatic pump for disinfection treatment
  • Possibility for customization of wash and disinfection intervals
  • PLC controlled
  • Available in a single system for one robot and double system for two robots

The BOVIBOOSTER is a smart and effective way to control hoof problems like digital dermatitis in dairy cow herds

  • Completely separated washing and disinfection system, washing starts when the cow enters the robot and disinfection when the cow leaves the robot
  • Very low and adjustable water consumption, 1-2 liters per wash
  • Stepless adjustable washing pressure from 4 to 9 bar
  • Designed with an 8L pressure vessel, to ensure prober water supply to the pump
  • Uses only clean water
  • Uses only 15 ml of premixed hoof product per treatment
  • Very little maintenance and a service friendly design
  • Special developed twin nozzle holder, for easy angle adjustment
  • Horizontal and vertical adjustable nozzles

Simple and efficient automatic cleaning

LELY/Fullwood Twin Line Nozzle Bar

DeLaval/GEA Twin Line Nozzle Bar

Powerful automatic disinfection with the new PowerDos15 pneumatic pump

The PowerDos15 is a reciprocating pump, specifically designed for automatic hoof disinfection

  • The PowerDos15 is a pump specifically designed for automatic hoof disinfection
  • Suction directly from a container with premixed liquid
  • Sprays directly on the hoofs through separate nozzles, when the cow is about to leave the robot
  • Uses only 15 ml of liquid per spray
  • Spray pressure up to 15 bar
  • Requires only 6.5 bar air supply
  • Made entirely of chemical resistant materials such as stainless steel, PVC and Viton
  • Up to 20 meter suction line when using water thin liquids
  • Dry-run protection and indication by means of a capacitive sensor